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At the heart of shamanism is respect for all life, in any form. Shamanic practices deepen the connection of individuals to other life forms and opens them up to hearing their inner authentic voice. Listening to that voice will help people to choose a path aligned to their higher self and enable them to make choices that enable happier and more satisfying lives. The term shaman is derived from the Russian word xaman meaning one who knows.

What is Shamanism?

Core to shamanic beliefs is that physical health is rooted in spiritual balance. A person or animal experiencing physical, mental or emotional illness is out of balance spiritually. Shamanic practitioners clear energy blocks and reconnect energy to the client to restore vitality and balance.

Primary causes for spiritual imbalance are:

• Loss of spiritual support
• Spiritual intrusion – negative energy has established a hold in a client’s life force.
• Soul loss – parts of the life source have split off

Client Sessions

• House and land blessing
• Shamanic session
• Extractions
• Soul retrieval
• Energy balancing and restoration
• Intuitive counseling
• Life coaching

Most shamanic and life coaching work can be performed remotely.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me!

All energetic services offered are an adjunct to traditional medical practices. Healings may be spiritual or emotional, and are not necessarily physical in nature.


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