Importance of community

Ian and I are waking up from a winter break and starting to get active again. I just came back from the spring Maine Authors Coop seminar where we had the opportunity to share ideas and connect with fellow members of our community.

Perhaps because I live just minutes from the start line of the Boston Marathon, the importance of community was already on my mind. It also seemed to be on the minds of the other attendees as well. Many of us, including myself, have a renewed commitment to stay in touch more actively between conferences.

I am also reminded of how important the extended community is to us as writers as well as people engaged in many communities. Writing and publishing a book are just the first steps on a lifetime journey as an author. We rely on the support of our readers and local business owners to first invest in our work and then to pass on the word if they like the product and their engagement with the author. I am very grateful the support I have received from my community and, in the spirit of Heart Hound Stories, have a strong commitment and intent to pay the support I have received forward to other authors and my communities.

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