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Ian and Shannon

Welcome to Heart Hound Stories website. Here you will find information about Dr. Cheryl Anne Lampshire, business consultant, coach, author, and educator, and the five great hounds that inspired her most recent publication Heart Hound Stories.

Stories are the core theme of the site. The stories told and the way the stories are told reflect the authentic voice or heart of the storyteller. They, perhaps more than any other action, behavior, or mode of communication, establish the brand of the person or organization giving voice to the story. The Corporate Story Telling page provides more information on how sanctioned and unsanctioned corporate stories influence cultural values and behaviors.

The site also includes a Heart Hound Stories excerpt, a blog where updates and other stories are shared, and other helpful links. If you like what you see and you haven’t already made a purchase, you may order the book (2012 New England Book Festival honoree)  through this site, as well. Contact information for consulting/coaching services is also provided.

Connor and Shannon

I sincerely hope the stories you select and share reflect the brand of your choosing!

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